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Upcoming Events

Current Events in the Works

  • Kid's Easter Party (Apr 21) - On sale 2 Apr
  • Battle of Atlantic Mess Dinner (May 3) - On sale 2 Apr
  • Mother's Day Brunch (May 12) - On sale 15 Apr

Mark it in your calendars!


General Mess Meeting

The GMM was postponed due to conflicting timings with the Defense Visible Minority Advisory Group’s (DVMAG) event commemorating the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Keep an eye on your inbox to hear about the next timing. Ensure to communicate your ideas, critiques, compliments, and concerns to the Wardroom Executive ASAP for inclusion into the meeting agenda.

If your idea requires the membership to vote on it, it has to make it into the agenda which will be sent out next week, so don't wait! Contact anyone of the following people to pass on your ideas.

PMC - Cdr Cory Foreman
VPMC (Wardroom) - LCdr Angus Fedoruk
VPMC (Gunroom) - LCdr Tom Kennedy
Secretary - Lt(N) Krista Seguin
Entertainment Officers - Lt(N) Mitchell Newman, Lt(N) Chelsea Henderson, SLt Zachary Tremblay
Membership Officer - Capt Steven Galipeau
Treasurer - Capt Mathew Demeulenare
Mess Manager - Megan Ilott