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Battle of Atlantic Mess Dinner 2018

Battle of Atlantic Mess Dinner 2018


BOA Mixed Ranks Mess Dinner will take place in the Wardroom on 4 May 2018.


1. When you check out, please in fill in your rank with your first and last name in the "FULL NAME" field 

2. Also, fill in your trade in the "COMPANY NAME" field

3. Email Megan Ilott (Wardroom Mess Manager) at with seating, allergies, matches info, etc.

WHAT: Battle of Atlantic Mixed Ranks Mess Dinner

WHO: Serving members (both officers and non-commissioned mbrs), Fleet members, and Veterans

WHEN: 4 May 2018, Doors open at 1830 for 1900

WHERE: Naden Wardroom


$40.00 - Officers (SLts and above)

$30.00 - Officers (A/SLts and below)

$35.00 - C&POs

$25.00 - Junior Ranks

$50.00 - Fleet

$50.00 - Veterans


Facebook link:

Please direct any questions you have to Megan Ilott at